Our Story
Originally the family's broad acre business was in farming onions, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and cabbages over the previous 40 years, growing in size from the original 5 acres to 650 acres of cultivated land.

After extensive research Dino Musolino identified the there was a market opportunity to produce hydroponically grown lettuce products. Hi Tech Hydroponics was establised in 1997.

In December 2000 a Market Store wholesale business was established in the Adelaide Produce Market. The reasoning behind this move into the wholesale market place was to establish the Hi Tech brand and to rectify a lack of product appreciation within the wholesale and retail sectors for hydroponically grown produced vegatables. The vegtables were and are still grown via clean, fresh, clear bore water.

As a direct result of the success of Hi Tech Hydroponics in the wholesale market there was need to substantially expand farming operations. The positive feedback and support for our whole lettuce produce from the market place confirmed that timing was right for stage 2 in the development of Hi Tech Hydroponics.

Market feedback and extensive consumer research indicated that it was time to develop a quality pre-packaged salad mix product to replace the interstate product being sold in South Australia.

The successful launch of the pre-packaged salads was in 2001. This catagory continues to grow each year bringing you, our healthy convenient produce you see in stores today.

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18 Ridgeway Rd,
Virginia SA
Awarded 'Grower of the Year' in 2007
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